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Gretchen Almy  Be Fit H.I.I.T Class

Gretchen Almy

Be Fit H.I.I.T Class


Be Fit Extreme is a functional training class meant for experienced trainees. The focus is on improving movement quality, strength, power and conditioning through intense, one hour long classes. We achieve these goals with a wide range of exercise modalities, including but not limited to dynamic warm-ups, agility work, plyometrics, Olympic lifting, barbell lifts, kettle-bell training, battle ropes, sled work, etc.


The class is a 6-month commitment that includes our gym membership. This allows us to complete pre and post testing to gauge progress. Members may join at any time, but will not complete full testing until the 6-month cycle is complete.


The class programming will be periodized in 2 month blocks.

The first block will be volume/capacity focused. The goal of this phase is to build baseline movement quality, muscle strength, hypetrophy and good levels of conditioning.

The second block will be strength focused. The goal of this phase is to build maximum strength with primary focus on squat, bench and deadlift variations.

The third block will be power focused. The goal of this phase is to build on qualities developed in first 2 phases and promote power development through plyometrics, med ball work and Olympic lifting (if appropriate).

*Entire 6 month programming cycle should be written at one time, with necessary modifications being made along the way.


Class Schedule

Monday 6am and 6:30 pm

Tuesday 6am and 6:30 pm

Wednesday 6 am

Thursday 6:30 pm

Saturday 8 am